• Come Home, Space Carrot Bunny

    Blast your way through space in your carrot rocket to save your friends!

  • MonsterCut

    Fight for your life cutting the monster’s hair as quickly as you can!

  • All our games and applications

    Over 20 games and applications! Check them out

  • Xmas Guardian

    Our first smartphone game. For iOS and Android

  • Magnitud 9

    Developed for the first "Scientific videogames workshop"

We love
to make dreams
come true.

Creators: 14 years of experience developing applications and games in multiple platforms

Entrepreneurship: Los Ríos, Chile Entrepreneur Award 2012

Innovation: Application of Videogame technology into different industries

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May 11, 2015
Hello! here’s the second part of the development blog for our latest game: Come...
May 6, 2015
Prologue It has been some time since we start a development blog about one...


Nemoris Games is a videogame company. We plan, design and create video games
for multiple platforms. We are always investigating new ways to reach more platforms
and consoles, and new ways to make amazing games to entertain our users

    • Independent videogames are the most pure expression of our passion and creativity as gamers. We want to transcend time through games that are engaging and meaningful to our players.

      “When we’re not creating them, we’re making them”

    • mobileLet’s work together! Tell us about your project and we’ll make it real. We have worked in many platforms: Web, PC, Mac, iOS, Android, HTML5, Blackberry and others. Using technologies like Facebook, Twitter, Augmented reality, Microsoft Kinect and 3DTV

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When we´re not playing them, we´re creating them