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Nemoris Games is a videogame company. We plan, design and create video games for multiple platforms. We are always investigating new ways to reach more platforms and consoles, and new ways to make amazing games to entertain our users

Mobile Games / Apps
Web / HTML5
PC / Consoles
Indie Game Development
Our main branch is to develop games for different platforms and launching them for all the world to enjoy.
Work For Hire
We're happy to help you in you current idea or project and make it a reality. Mobile, Web or PC, any platform or game that you want!
PC & Consoles
Our new develpment branch is to develop high quality games por this platforms. We're preparing our first PS4 & XBOX One game.
Come Home, Space Carrot Bunny – Development (2/3)

Hello! here’s the second part of the development blog for our latest game: Come Home, Space Carrot Bunny If you miss the first article, you can check it here Here’s what we have so far. Two bunnies flying through space in a carrot rocket visiting planets searching for their lost comrades. Monetization Such an evil […]

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Come Home, Space Carrot Bunny – Dev(1/3)

Prologue It has been some time since we start a development blog about one of our games, but is important for us to share the information about the good, the bad and the ugly of game development and check it out from time to time in order to determine what went wrong or how to […]

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Nemoris Game Jam #2

The next article is about the project development of Totem Little Raider, developed in the Nemoris Game Jam #2 and you can now play it on Wooglie and Kongregate. It will soon be available for Android and iOS. A couple of weeks ago i started the second version of Nemoris Game Jam. This time the […]

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