Above all, video games

are meant to just be

one thing: Fun for everyone

Satoru Iwata


Change your walls to something cool

Video games are bad for you?
That’s what they
said about
Shigeru Miyamoto

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We are Videogame Developers.

For Indie and work-for-hire projects.

Mobile, Web, HTML5, PC, Consoles or whatever you need.

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I think the only way

I could make something fun and big

is if I don’t expect it to be.

Markus Persson

Our | Services

We have a unique

blend of talent that allows

us to offer such a diverse

range of services.

N emoris stands for forest in latin language. That’s the perfect metaphore on how we think that imagination works. Since a little seed is planted in fertile soil and then it converts in a big and beautiful tree, in the same way we treat all of our projects no matter if indie or work-for-hire, big or small, remake or entirely new. They’re all our little trees to care for.

Games are a way of escaping reality

that’s why you need heroic factor.

Hideo Kojima

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Our approach to making games is to find the fun first
and then use the technology to enhance the fun.
Sid Meier