Monstercut: Horror Barbershop

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What's about?

Cut the monster’s hair before it fully grows and attacks you with a fierce rage!

Waves of monsters with growing hair has come to Monstercity and is your duty to attend them all before their hair gets out of control and they attack you!

MonsterCity is city of monsters and we have arrived to establish our hairdressing salon. Competition is tough and the only way to demonstrate that we are the best is challenging other salons to a duel, if you win you will keep the prize and fame.

This won’t be easy, MONSTERS will arrive in huge waves to have their hair done, and every style will be tougher than the previous. There it will be your responsibility helping stylists of the saloon to be prepared; each haircut will give them more experience, letting them to become powerful and faster. Improve your abilities to obtain more clients and gold coins; then, use those coins to upgrade your salon, make it the jazziest of all MonsterCity, presume in front of your friends and show them all your achievements.

There’s a long way to go so, let’s get started!

You are the only one capable to do this, and you have talent to become number one!