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Fight for your life cutting the monster’s hair as quickly as you can!

What’s about?

MonsterCity is the city of monsters and you have come ready to establish our hairdresser salon. The competition is tough and the only way to prove we are the best hairdressing is challenging each to a duel where the winner stands with prizes and glory.
But it will not be an easy task, monsters come in waves for a haircut, increasingly demanding and demanding, that’s where you come in, making sure our hairdressers are up to the challenge.


Use gold to upgrade your hairdresser, turn it into the most striking of MonsterCity and presumed front of your friends your achievements!

If you’re looking for media kits, there’s a little help for you. Enjoy!



* Use 3 different hairdressers each with 2 super-powers
* Be brave and face all the monsters in MonsterCity
* Decorate your hairdresser salon and make it unique
* Endless Thrilling-action mode!


Fun sendup on the hair cutting game. Great characters, nice cartoon style, and a different gameplay action than anything I’ve seen. Recommend!

This app is pretty unique and very different from most other games I have played. I will say it is quite different than the norm.


This is a fun and unique game. Gets addicting very quickly. Very nice job.


I really am having a lot of fun with this game, and I love the idea of having to cut someone’s hair or else you’ll die. The gameplay is quick paced and addicting which you don’t see often in a barber shop game.