Little Totem|Raider

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Explore the temples in search of the
Golden Totem Spirit parts!


What’s about?

Complete the 21 temples challenges by collecting all the pieces of the mysterious GOLDEN TOTEM that can grant any wish. Join the 3D platfomer action and get the best time.


Inspired in the 3D platformers from the legendary Nintendo 64, our game will take you to resolve the temples moving boxes, activating switches, jumping between moving platforms and using your top ability with the controls to get to the end of each temple.


  • Exciting action jumping over lava!
  • Awake your cat reflexes and speed
  • Puzzle solving scenes
  • Compete with all the world


Gran juego, Juego muy divertido que se va complicando cada vez más, recomendable para los días de aburrimiento.

Marco González

Remainded me of captain Toad levels in Super Mario 3D World for Wii U

Sven Bond Brand

Es que quiero que me digan que es un gato pero se merece las 5 estrellas.

Juan Soto

Al principio las escenas son muy faciles pero pronto el reto aumenta. Ideal para los amantes de los plataformeros

Chriss Vasquez